Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Ikea Haul

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Went on a road trip to Burlington..stopped off first at Longos and had shrimp cocktail with orzo, cranberry quinoa, squash linguini and picked up a box of apricot rugelach..mmm..then headed to the mall where i purchased a 1970s style vintage corduroy cap from Forever21 where i saw an old lady dressed in a lavendar mini overall dress with pink hair and hairclips and reminded me of that popular old lady who dresses like a little girl online..Tiddlywinkles or something like that? She was really far-out!! Then me and mom headed to Ikea where it was disappointing that you can't get princess cakes anymore..all the delicious desserts are gone! So we had to settle for some carrot cake with our fish n chippies instead..

Got this bamboo storage basket and cute retro floral patterned plant holder, it comes with a smaller pot with pink polka dots..

This groovy flower power rug was only $2.00!! It matches my bedroom closet curtains perfectly!Got these amazing curtains..mustard colour for the work/music room and I love them a lot!! I had to alter them coz they were way too long though..the material is very soft and it blocks out the light.

And I forgot to mention these..2 earrings from Forever21..the one on the left was free, the heart ones, and the neon green diamond shaped retro ones are from Ardene's.  Then we discovered a new store at the mall called ARitzia..they have bohemian clothing too inside, and I loved how they colour coordinated stuff..there was an orange section, a red section..really far-out!! The store is pricey, but I did manage to find floral print pants for a bargain!

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