Thursday, 27 February 2020

Inside A Tiny Rain Forest + Giant Iguana

On Sunday we went to see the exhibits at the Botannical Gardens in Niagara Falls and it was so amazing to see these creatures, but mostly for seeing the sloth!!! Unfortunately, nooone was allowed to take photos of it, but we saw it close up when the keeper was feeding it..sloths are so adorable!!!! No wonder Steve Tyler of Aeorosmith has one as a pet. I would love to have a pet sloth too, but they don't live that long then, only like 2 years! Unless they have the proper plants and trees around them. Anyways, besides the beautiful sloth, we saw a squishy giant frog, giant iguana, giant turtle, and a giant chameleon..everything was giant size except for the sloth which was medium size, possibly a baby.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Monterey Pop Outfit

Wearing cute summer top from H&M, amazing trippy print skirt, thrifted, floppy hat thrifted, and beaded necklace around my neck..i wish it was summer now!! but today we are getting a severe snowstorm and ice rain and my classes were cancelled.  I will be watching Monterey Pop 68 tonight and wishing I was at an outdoor festival with the sparkling hot sun in my face!

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

1960s Mod Dress

I love my vintage 1960s purple dress a lot!! (from Out of the Past)..the sleeves are amazing and it came with a 1960s vintage belt, I paired it with green tights, a cross necklace that belonged to my grandma in the 1970s on a leather chain, and my black faux fur hat.  I could be part of the Apple Boutique in Baker Street London in 1968!

Friday, 21 February 2020

Rose and the Thorn

"Well she's walking through the clouds...with a circus mind that's running round...
Butterflies & Zebras, moonbeams & fairytales...
that's all she ever thinks about
Riding with the wind..." - Jimi Hendrix -

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Cork Sandals

Recently thrifted groovy cork sandals which I've been searching endlessly for and I was happy to find these..they were pricey at $9.95 but they are in great condition and the brand is Nine West..this is the closest I could find to 1970s cork sandals..they are a size 5 & a half and I normally am a size 6 & a half to a 7 but it fit perfect! Anyways, its been so cold outside and I haven't been feeling like doing much except art studies and of course work. Saw a great film last night.."Ford vs Ferrari"..the story is of a British driver/mechanic who works with the Ford Company and his friend who designs takes place in 1966 and the Le Mans race in France where Ford beats Ferrari..the British racer, Ken Miles, is played brilliantly by Christian Bale and Carroll Shelby is played by Matt Damon..also great!! It's such a great quality film and funny too..especially Christian Bale's part!! Highly recommend this film!!

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Jersey Thursday

Black & white or colour? My favorite thrifted mod 60s pants from etsy.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Go Ask Alice

I heavily got into the hippie fashion scene thanks to this groovy song which I first came across online when I saw the 1973 film "Go Ask Alice" when I was in school and I got hooked on Jefferson Airplane since then..the film starts off with the song "Go Ask Alice" and its such a great representation of the film itself..if you haven't seen it yet, look it up..its a great film!! I read the book too by Anonymous and its a great read as well. I watch this film every spring and last year, I don't know how I missed it, but now i'm obsessed with the song "Dear Mister Fantasy" by Traffic..this song is played during the stoner scene in the film and its so groovy!! Think magic brownies, patchouli incense, and psychedelic projection! I also love that psychedelic song played inside a van during the acid tripping scene in "Taking Woodstock"! Anyways, yesterday I went thrifting with friends and the song "Tiny Dancer" came on and a guy who works there made us totally crack up by saying "Is he singing about Tony Danza? coz that's what it sounds like..Tony Danza!"hahaha..we're like "Who the freakin' hell is Tony Danza??" time..he was on that show Who's the Boss..haha. Okay so now I know who Tony Danza is. I scored a lot of, hippie skirt, hippie coat etc..will post a try-on haul..

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Sugar Shoppe 1967

Finding this gem of a band only expands my obsession with Victor Garber like a rubber band! Now I've been getting into the film Godspell 1973 and Victor is now my latest Marcia would say "he's sooo dreamy!!" Also been putting scarves over lamps to create a warm summer hippie ambience in my room (yes I make sure that it doesn't get hot!), also I found this groovy organic hippie shampoo at the flea market..its all dried up though..can't use it but I bought specifically for the packaging!

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Hippie Art

Jerry Garcia and Alice Cooper in pencil, and Eat Me drawing with markers for art class project..

Monday, 10 February 2020

Groupie Make Up

New make up stuff I picked up over the weekend..these amazing false eyelashes and Rocketman eyeliner are from the Dollar Tree, and the two glitter eyeshadows..the pink glitter one is Groupie, and the purple glitter is Moonchild..both were $2.25 at Walmart.  Went to bed late watching the Oscars..the best part was Elton John performing the song "I'm Gonna Love Me Again" in 1970s technicolor background which was sooo super funky!!!

Friday, 7 February 2020

Carnaby Street

My outfit of the day..super cold outside!! I'm wearing all thrifted 60s or 70s business-y outfit consisting of blue turtleneck, brown winter mini skirt, vintage boots, black John Lennon cap, and vintage silk scarf tied around my neck..haha Marley seems to be spooked by something..maybe we have a studio ghost? Anyways, I've been feeling very creative lately..I've been seeing art in everything..

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Technicolor Dreams

I haven't been creative for a long while and suddenly I felt like painting, and I love how this turned out..very cute!! Clouds, planets, and the sun make my day.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Vintage Haul Try-On 1970s

Had fun thrifting on the weekend..been to 5 thrift shops in 1 day with friends..found an amazing 1970s Indian sari dress..what I love the most about it is the beautiful baby blue colouring..and then I found this treasure..a 1970s polyester purple long dress and the top is this groovy abstract art pattern in all sorts of colours, it ties at the front..i'm in love with this dress a lot!! I also found a pair of Earth Spirit sneaker shoes..very hippie! Great for those long nature hikes in the summer.  Also I found a light coloured faux suede jacket which I've been wanting for a long while now..great with my hippie skirts..ummm..what else? oh a green silk vintage scarf too. Last night I couldn't sleep so I ended up watching Animal Planet real late and was fascinated with a duck who is a mother to 76 ducklings!! And a racoon that climbed up a giant building and it took her 20 hours to reach the top of it! Amazing!

Thursday, 30 January 2020

1960s Outfit of the Day

Love retro scarves and wearing them tied around turtlenecks for that 60s/70s look!! Vintage 60s circle belt from Out of the Past, and square toe vintage boots from Etsy.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Janis Joplin Style

Image result for janis joplin pinterestMy forever inspiration in life!! I heart Janis!! I love her style, her voice, her music..Janis photo source:pinterest

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Vintage Style Q & A

#1. When did you get into vintage fashion?
I was about 15 when I got interested in psychedelic hippie fashion because of the people in my art class that I hung out with in school were into it and I bought The Doors album and the song "Light My Fire" really did it for me.  Also watching "Monterey Pop" and "Woodstock 69" and then I started my obsession with Janis Joplin and what she wore back then.  But then around when I was 18, I got heavily into the 1950s fashion and my icon was Marilyn Monroe, but this only lasted a year.  Then I tried other styles but I've always been a total "flower child"! I do like the mod 60s as well, and there was a time when I got obsessed with Brigitte Bardot, and then came my endless love for the 70s! That was when I saw the "Brady Bunch" films and then I searched for the 1970s tv show and I fell in love with the colours, prints, and patterns of that decade as well as the music! I would've loved to live next door to Marc Bolan or Bowie or me and Stevie Nicks would've been best friends! Also I love the 70s variety of fashion from Glam Rock, to Disco Fever, to Punk Rock..its just an endless array of styles then.

#2. Would you want to live in the 1960s?
I would say late 60s between 1967 - 1969, but mostly I would love to live in the 1970s!!

#3. Are you a mod or a rocker?
A hippie rockster

#4. What got you into the 1960s?
My art class friends in high school, basically.  They wore the most amazing hippie stuff, and were so groovy!! So, i'd like to shout out to them for making me realize who I am and sticking with it in the long run.

#5. Worst fashion decade?
The 80s..hands down! Um..i'd also like to say the millennium because there is nothing in fashion to get excited about anymore, thus I thrift loads!! Also, people today basically dress like its the freakin' apocalypse! People all dress the same in dark, drab colours, with no patterns hardly just a blank slate just to blend themselves into the crowd.  Even the young people really don't care about fashion anymore other than shopping at Vans! That is why stores like Forever21 are gone because at least that store brought something different and exciting with colourful clothing and patterns etc..I found quite a lot of vintage-y items from there, so I totally miss that store, now I just thrift..thrift..thrift! And yes its hard to always stand out from everyone else, but I learnt to ignore and just be my colourful vintage self!!

#6. Best fashion decade?
The 1970s of course!!

#7. What's the oldest vintage item you possess?
I have so many..umm..probably a picture made out of wooden sticks that belonged to my Grandma in the 70s.

Friday, 24 January 2020

Sunflower Girl Daydreamer

Strange weather has prompted me to place a sunflower on my a hippie floppy hat I recently thrifted at Goodwill..been wanting a big hat like this for a while, its way too big for my head so I had to glue black felt inside of the rim, and its okay now. It sucks that most hats don't fit me..anyone else have that problem? I love the way the sunlight hits my Mandala rug wall hanging a lot! Its been raining all day today and by the time I got home from art class, my shoes were totally soaked..ugh! I also had tomato soup for dinner..not a fan of tomato soup coz it burns my stomach but there was no other soups in the kitchen cabinet so I had to settle for that..i was so cold that I needed soup to warm me up. I will be watching a hippie movie later..haven't decided between "Taking Woodstock" or "Festival Express".

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Mystical Stones

The purple glitter heart stone is new, and the calcite green one.  Been watching African scenery because I have the winter blues!! Also I recently discovered the film "Gods Must Be Crazy" and the Bush people are so sweet & cute & they live their lives in total internet, no traffic, no violence..just total peace.  The only thing they have to worry about are the dangerous animals roaming the night, like the hyena.  I would trade this horrible world any day to become a Bush person!

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Psychedelic Mood Board

I've gotten most of these psychedelic pictures off of Fractal Art websites, and also The a long while back..I've been cleaning my room and I came across all these groovy stuff so I decided to create a psychedelic hippie mood board in my art room. I've also been getting into Bob Dylan's music lately. I find so much inspiration in other Cosmobliss and Beloved Shakti..these two have amazing rooms!! I also did Which Beatle Am I? quiz and I got By George! You're a Hare Krishna Harrison! Not my fav. Beatle though, mine is Ringo!

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette

The Zodiac Eyeshadow palette is amazing!! It's by bh cosmetics, there's 25 eyeshadows and highlighter which is in the center of the galaxy..its also a cruelty free product which makes me super happy!! ..other level are eyeshadows without the shimmer.  I love wearing false eyelashes a lot!! Been experimenting with them lately.  Yesterday I went thrifting and found some groovy stuff, will post on that soon.  Also we had dinner at Johnny Rocco's..this time I tried the butternut squash chicken in sage oil risotto..soo good!!! Very rich though! And hazelnut cheesecake was also yummy!! The latte macchiato was very bitter so I had to put in 5 packs of sugar to sweeten it and then it tasted good!! I'm not a fan of coffee so if I do drink any, it has to be super sweet.  I do love mocha the most.  But I am a huge tea drinker!

Friday, 17 January 2020

Luxe Tribe Wellness Stones

These amazing beautiful stones I got for's called the Luxe Tribe Sparkletunity & Wellness Collection and I got Growth..the stones are Celestite which symbolizes peace and harmony, and brings a sense of calm..its the blueish stone on the top left and it comes from Madagascar, the Calcite: a protecting and grounding stone, it can help bring inner peace and promotes creativity and not sure if the one on the bottom is calcite? this stone is from Mexico.  The brown one wasn't mentioned in the booklet I got..its a brown crystal stone..don't know its proper name?? And I heart my vintage Queen In Concert t-shirt I got at Out of the Past..