Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Jamie Lee's Pumpkin 1978

I love how my pumpkin turned out!! Pretty close, wouldn't you say? source: telegraph.co.uk

Sunday, 25 October 2020

R.L. Stine Fear Street

These are just a few of many R.L. Stine Fear Street books in my collection..my favorite in these is The Mind Reader..soo thrilling!!! And my two favorite episodes on TV is of course Lily D. (The Haunting Hour), and It Came From Beneath the Sink (killer sponge - Goosebumps). I thrifted all my books from Value Village.

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

Vampiress: I'm Fangtastic t-shirt - Dollerama, Rocky Horror leggings - Ardene, bat hairclips - Michael's, vampire choker - Shein, bat earrings - Spirit Halloween
Glam Rock Slasher Girl: Mike Myers t-shirt - Spirit Halloween, orange velvet hotpants - thrifted, goth knee-highs - thrifted, spider ring - Spirit Halloween, spider bracelet - Dollerama
Fanfic Batgirl: Batman t-shirt - Walmart, skull skirt - Hot Topic, interchangeable charm choker - Spirit Halloween
Black Widow: scarf - Dollerama

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Spooky Halloween Decor

New decorations for this year..Salem the cat, and a new zombie baby doing an upside down handstand named Tobey, the other Zombie baby is Kobey, then I got a cute creepy doll that speaks, a sequined vampire totebag, venemous snake, i made the pumpkin decor for the window, lantern for ghost hunting, giant spider, gargoyle that speaks evil things, ghostie with the eyeball garlands.

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Happy Birthday Mom!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MOM EVER!!! I made my mom a giant daisy card and a candy corn French vanilla raspberry cake. We had a groovy time yesterday Oct. 19.  haha..nope my mom didn't turn 161 years old..haha..it does look that way on the cake.  

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Creepy Barn Painting

I love how my painting turned out..this is my interpretation of the groovy creepy barn in The Ring film. I used black ink to draw it and then i used acrylics.

Saturday, 17 October 2020

The Pigman

I met the infamous Pigman who was on an episode of Hometown Horror..the story goes that Angola, a small town in Upstate New York is stalked by the ghost of a disfigured butcher named the "Pigman". He's been connected with a horrific train accident that happened 150 years ago.  This was one of the best horror episodes ever on tv!!!! It's creepy and scary and very strange that the woods there are haunted by this guy! I think, if i remember the episode correctly, this man had the face of a pig and he was bullied and shunned by the town and now he scares people today as an angry apparition out for revenge. Source:googleuser.content 

Thursday, 15 October 2020

Purple Autumn Haze

I love it when it feels like summer in Autumn and I can dress like I'm going to Woodstock to see Jimi Hendrix rock out on stage and I can blow bubbles and feel hippy dippy free!! And doesn't that tree looks like its screaming?? I think that its a haunted tree..how groovy!! It reminds me of the eerie rock faces in Picnic At Hanging Rock.

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Thanksgiving Countryside

Thanksgiving weekend was a wonderful time in the countryside..going on a long road trip..gazing at the beauty of Autumn with the amazing colours around us!! Halloween decorating outside in the warm summer-like weather yesterday..harvest food for dinner..watched The Ice Storm film..

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Autumn Self Care Vibes

Autumn is the time to prioritize self care, because it's cold outside, you can lay all cosy in bed, make a hot cup of vanilla chai latte or cinammon hot chocolate, bake an apple apricot pie & smell the rain. It's time to enjoy what you really love like reading an R.L.Stine Fear Street book, creating art, playing Halloween mahjong, watching horror films at night..taking a hot shower, painting your nails, or lighting up incense.  Self care also means enjoying time with yourself, meditating & finding a way to accept who you are with all your thoughts & anxieties, it can mean cuddling with your pets, cooking your favorite dish, reorganizing your room, closets, or just laying in bed. Self care means doing whatever YOU enjoy and what makes YOU feel comfortable. So if you feel like doing nothing, do it! Do whatever you love doing to make you feel better! I also love to order things online, thats also a great way of spending an otherwise boring day! Latest orders..this amazing Halloween pillowcase from Shein and my most favorite bohemian cape from Grand International.

Friday, 9 October 2020

Bohemian Witch Lookbook

skirt - thrifted..skull head - michael's..mushroom t-shirt - shein..90s velvet hat - thrifted
bohemian dress - h&m..70s hat - thrifted..sunglasses - out of the past
sweater - thrifted..celestial dress - boathouse..bat knee-highs - thrifted..bat choker - shein