Sunday, 22 September 2019

Gonna Be Doing The Time Warp

Related imageMy costume idea for Halloween..Magenta from Rocky Horror!! I'm gonna be out looking for costume at the thrift shops and I need a frizzy auburn wig. It's not gonna be easy but i'm up for the challenge.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Mad About Mod

Love so many things floral even though the Autumn is approaching..i heart these mod daisy hairpins a lot..also my mod flower knee-sockies..a bamboo wicker basket from the Dollar store which I've flipped over and using to hold my spider plant on..yummy British Carnaby Street Halloween chocolates..a 1970s orange brown glazed clay pitcher I scored at the thrift shop recently, and how I store my giant collection of nail polishes..& mod flower print plant holder from Ikea..this is my absolutely fav. plant pot I have..i put inside a fake monster plant which was 70% off at Michael's..

Other stuff I'm mad about lately..the film "Rocketman" on Elton John's life..if you haven't seen it yet, its pretty good..its played out as a musical, so we get to hear a lot of his best songs (although no mention of my fav. I've Seen That Movie Too song!!), the best part of the film is the outrageous 1970s costumes and sunglasses..not as good as Bohemian Rhapsody though, because I would've loved to hear longer played songs, songs were too short, Candi Corn foaming hand soap and Vampire Blood hand cream from Bath & Bodyworks, Timmy's pumpkin spice iced cap, and this show on HGTV..yipeeeee!!!Image result for a very brady renovationA Very Brady Renovation..its so groovy how they try to make the rooms look exactly like the ones on the tv show!!

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Vintage 70s Haul

Had a blast last week thrifting!! I scored this amazing 1970s floral print polyester skirt..wowee!! I absolutely love it a lot!! To tone it down, I will wear a black bodysuit with it and my black mary-janes.  I also found a 1960s/70s swirl print travel bag, its got a pink plastic button that holds it together..and on the inside you can put mini shampoos, cosmetics etc..then I found a 1970s beaded changepurse..the flower is different colours on each side when flipped over..also found a vintage address book, zebras..very earthy..speaking of earthy, I heart this vintage sweater a lot..its so old skool!! And one of my fav. songs off of the Modern Space album.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Ghost Ship

Had so much fun with mom at the Halloween Spirit shop!! I can't wait a whole year just to see the place!! Loved their ghost ship which reminded me of The Elizabeth Dane in The Fog and was half expecting Blake and his crew on board! Fell in love with this far-out Halloween 1978 t-shirt, and the giant marshmellow man from Ghost cute!! Me as Morty inside a ghost tunnel with my zombie baby..

Friday, 30 August 2019

Shining Carpet Socks + Back-To-School Goodies

I heart the film "The Shining" a lot and I was super thrilled to find these at Sunrise Records!! Being a fan of horror, I had to get the Camp Crystal Lake tote bag too! I also got a Carpe Diem - Cease the Day cork material-like notebook coz it remind me of the film "Dead Poet's Society", also got this amazing 90s Romeo + Juliet t-shirt from Forever21..looove DiCaprio!! and 2 retro Orla Kiely notebooks that came in a pack..and 2 cds: Tango In the Night - Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles-self-titled album..

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Taste Test Thursday

3 Limited Edition Lays Challenge..okay the Cheesy Garlic Bread was a bit of a disappointment..if I wouldn't have read the label, I wouldn't have guessed, it didn't taste like garlic bread at all, it lacked the buttery stronger garlic taste, it was more cheesy! Onion Rings..this smelled so good, and it did remind me of onion rings..loved it!! and Pizza..i hate pepperoni, but for some reason I really liked the was the best of the 3 coz it was spot on pepperoni pizza taste!!! Yummm!!
Tea India Cardamom latte, okay this isn't as good as the Indian Moments one I used to get and they no longer sell them at the grocers, but its good, it tastes more like black tea then cardamom, which I miss in the other tea..and I have to add milk while in the other one, there was milk powder in it and tasted creamier..the Taveners British Sweets Black Currant Liquorice candy is one of the best candies I ever had!!! It tastes like black currant at first and then near the end it becomes liquorice taste..soo good!! And Soan Papdi Cardamom Indian Sweets..OMG!!! these are soft with pistachio and tastes like a nutty cotton candy in your mouth..the best of the bunch!!

I love my 70s outfit of the day..circular artsy tree..Marley in a funny position on stairs..

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

How To Make A Tote Bag

My sewing machine broke down :( so I had to improvise..its not impossible to make anything without a sewing machine..all you need are pins, thread, and a super good needle! it might not be perfect but it does work! and its very time consuming so yeah this tote bag took me 2 days to finish. The 1970s retro floral boho material was $1.99 at Value Village, I wanted something more for the Autumn season and I really love this colour pattern a lot!! I cut out 2 squares, turned it inside out and sewed along edging and the straps were done last, I sewed those first and then sewed it on the bag..i think I did a pretty good job considering I had to hand sew.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

At Johnny's

Mom & Dad's Anniversary was celebrated at Johnny Rocco' was wonderful! I had yummy parmesan chips with aoli dip and dessert was lots of molten lava choccie cake with ice cream.

Friday, 23 August 2019

1970s Look Book

Skipping around town in my new giant 70s shades from the Hard Rock Café, in my corduroy cap, 70s print mini skirt, Yosemite vintage tee, Arizona desert necklace, and changing shades to a vintage square in pale blue, and hanging out in my new pad..*I wish*