Friday, 23 August 2019

1970s Look Book

Skipping around town in my new giant 70s shades from the Hard Rock Café, in my corduroy cap, 70s print mini skirt, Yosemite vintage tee, Arizona desert necklace, and changing shades to a vintage square in pale blue, and hanging out in my new pad..*I wish*

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Falls Funky Fun

I am so grateful to have groovy times with my mom, to sit beside waterfalls, eat Kelsey's yummy retro bbq chicken fingers and onion rings, discover a sanctuary of tropical plants and the orangey-ist goldfish, ride on a Harley and pretend i'm in the film Easy Rider, plants that look like marijuana, an Indian style temple up on a hill, falling in love with a giant bubble that lights up, walking in tiny villages out of nowhere like some private movie set..

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Little Miss Retro

Image result for 70s purple & green wall printImage result for 1970s goldie hawn rare photos,

"She moved in, into the one-room apartment at the back of the hallway & she painted purple & green on the walls & shelves & ceiling. I said, "do you think those colours go together?", and she said, "My eyes love green, but my heart belongs to purple." "She covered the little lamp shades with paisley scarves & she stood up & stretched her arms toward the ceiling. She had a black silk ribbon in her hair and a 70s striped sweater.  She said, "I don't ordinarily rise until I am called by the sun.""I love your yellow striped bumblebee sweater."i said. "Sabrina Yellow hummed along with the album & sang a song about a tambourine man.." - based on Little Miss Strange

Friday, 16 August 2019

A Happy Retro Pad

Image result for 1970s floral pattern

I trully believe in a retro dream paradise with swirls, a boho lamp, a white shag carpet, stack-up chair, and a few books to read to make it a groovy happy home!

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Ikea Haul

Went on a road trip to Burlington..stopped off first at Longos and had shrimp cocktail with orzo, cranberry quinoa, squash linguini and picked up a box of apricot rugelach..mmm..then headed to the mall where i purchased a 1970s style vintage corduroy cap from Forever21 where i saw an old lady dressed in a lavendar mini overall dress with pink hair and hairclips and reminded me of that popular old lady who dresses like a little girl online..Tiddlywinkles or something like that? She was really far-out!! Then me and mom headed to Ikea where it was disappointing that you can't get princess cakes anymore..all the delicious desserts are gone! So we had to settle for some carrot cake with our fish n chippies instead..
Image result for ikea in the 1970s

Got this bamboo storage basket and cute retro floral patterned plant holder, it comes with a smaller pot with pink polka dots..

This groovy flower power rug was only $2.00!! It matches my bedroom closet curtains perfectly!

Got these amazing curtains..mustard colour for the work/music room and I love them a lot!! I had to alter them coz they were way too long though..the material is very soft and it blocks out the light.

And I forgot to mention these..2 earrings from Forever21..the one on the left was free, the heart ones, and the neon green diamond shaped retro ones are from Ardene's.  Then we discovered a new store at the mall called ARitzia..they have bohemian clothing too inside, and I loved how they colour coordinated stuff..there was an orange section, a red section..really far-out!! The store is pricey, but I did manage to find floral print pants for a bargain!

Monday, 12 August 2019

Moons of Neptune

Outfit of the Day: bohemian one-piece with wide legs + blue ball earrings + 70s t-shirt..

Before and after of my shelves..i noticed that I had too much clutter of just objects and things, so I minimized it by putting books on each 3 shelves and I love how it looks, its much more neater and clean looking..also I can reach my books much easier this way!

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Sharon Tate + Mr. Sun & Mr. Moon

Image result for once upon a time in hollywood margot robbie the wrecking crew

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was an awesome film!!!! I went to see it with my boyfriend Steve and we both loved every moment of it!! Although i'm not a fan of over done violent scenes, I stared into my popcorn box during them, the ending made me so happy!! Leo DiCaprio was incredible!! I don't think Margot Robbie looked anything like Sharon Tate but she was good and the way she played her really did Sharon justice! I don't think anyone could look like Sharon Tate, she was so euphorically beautifully! I saw her in Valley of the Dolls when I bought the film on dvd coz I had no idea what she looked like until I saw the film. Anyways, the typography on credits was so far-out amazing and the details of the decade was spot-on! I definitely will be buying the film when it comes out on dvd. Oh and the soundtrack is sooo good!!! One of my fav. songs from it..this is the one that stood out for me..

Friday, 9 August 2019

Magical Sunflowers

Found duck figurines all over the park..

Got a bunch of these amazing acorns..gonna figure out what to do with them..

My favourite dinner at the moment is Korean-style meatballs!! Mmmmm..soo good!!